Socializing Your Dog

Socializing your Dog teaches your puppy poodle or your adult poodle how to interact with the rest of the world.

A Poodle owner has the responsibility to socialize his dog so that it will grow into a well behaved doggie that can interact with all types of people and animals in any kind of situation and all kinds of environment.

When socializing your dog ,your poodle puppy or your adult four legs companion you have to make sure that all the interactions with other dogs, pets ,children or people in general are in a positive way. 

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If you adopt and adult poodle, rather than a puppy, socialization is still important.

This does not mean though that older dogs cannot be socialized. Of Course they can; You only need to be more persevering in order to develop the dog into a calm and confident dog.

In case you don’t know if your adopt poodle was expose to people, pets, children etc start to socialize your dog to new things just like you would do if your adult dog or your old dog is a puppy.

Socializing your Dog

Poodles that are very well-socialized as puppies are least likely to develop aggressive behaviors in their lifetimes.

Poodle Pups who aren't well-socialized from early stages tend to be suspicious and fearful of new things they meet throughout their lives, and are most likely to eventually bite someone.

A well socialized dog would remain calm and confident no matter what the situation is and make your live " Beautiful ".

Before you can teach your puppy poodle anything, you first must be able to communicate and build a close relation with him/her.

The first step is to start the process of socializing your dog as early as possible.

Socialization must take place when the puppy is between 8 to 16 weeks old.

Puppies are like children , poodle puppies are much more accepting of strangers.

Everything is like a new experience for them and they don’t distinguished between friend and not friend and everything is a new experience to be explored rather than feared or chased. a puppy will not be intimidated by new sounds and sights.

If your poodle is scared by some of the new experiences, do everything you can to make them positive.

Very Important !!!!! " Don't ask more of your poodle can handle".

“ Stay upbeat, and be patient.”

Very important to know is that always genes and environment both play a role in behavior.

It's useful and important to see your poodle puppy's parents - at least the mother, if at all possible. If Mom is timid or aggressive there's a good chance her puppy will be, too.

The puppy poodle behavior still can't be attributed solely to genes; puppies can learn fearful or aggressive behavior by watching their mother's response to humans and other environmental stimuli, a behavioral phenomenon known as social facilitation.

If you'll already see some signs of neophobia when your puppy comes home, can be a signal that the puppy or the adult dog come from a socially impoverished environment.

In this case you don’t have time to lose and you may never be able to make up the ground the dog lost, but for sure you can make him better and improve your work socializing your Dog with a lot of love and patience.

Lets get Started Socializing your Dog !!!!

In our Case Our Adorable Dogs “ The Poodle Dogs”!

The first thing to do is to try to expose the puppy early to other dogs, pets ,children and people.

It is important to get them used to being touched, especially between the toes, in the ears and near the eyes. This will make your trips to Stores, Parks and specially to your Vet and Groomer a lot easier.

Talking about Grooming a Poodle, one of the most important stage in Socializing your Dog is with the Groomer, Why?


Grooming a Poodle is the first part of socialization that will familiarize the dog to being touched; By grooming the dog it will get used to being handled so that it will not be aggressive if touching by unfamiliar people.

Walking with your Poodle will introduce the puppy to as many people as possible.

Cute puppies would be less intimidating to children. But “ALWAYS” keep the puppy on leash

Socializing your Dog when taking him for a walk, is also introducing your puppy poodle to other sounds and sights.


And don’t forget, that walking the dog is one the best bonding time for you and your pet.

Bringing the dog to a dog park is a good way of evaluating the social skills of the dog.

Will it cower once faced with dominant dogs or would it show a dominant behavior? This is very important as only when you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your dog can you do the necessary measures to help your cute puppy poodle.

Dogs are our best friends.

These loyal and affectionate animals are wonderful to have them around as our companions. However, an under socialized dog can be a liability to take around.

A shy or fearful dog can do unpredictable things when exposed to unusual situations and too hard to handle. This is potentially dangerous not only to the dog but to other people and animals as well.

This kind of behavior is one of the reasons why a lot of adorable dogs end up being abandoned by their owners and apparently this is one of the reasons why dogs are euthanized.

Remember the Importance of Socializing your Dog.

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