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Hello, my name is Aliza and in the following pages of this Poodles Guide, I want to show you all I have learned during many years of owning poodles.

To read more about me and my experience please go to the about us page.

While I write this guide my 10 year old Gingy is sitting faithfully next to me watching everything I do.

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In the memory of Gingy our best friend for twelve years

Poodles are very special

The poodles are very special. They are one of the most beautiful and intelligent breeds. They are elegant, and some time a little arrogant. But you will love a poodle like your own child and surrender to all her demands.

Choosing a dog

We will start by choosing a dog, is it a puppy or an adult is it male or female among other questions.

The different types and sizes of poodles, those range from the big Standard to the tiny teacup poodles Their characteristics, behavior and training are very different.

Nutrition and Health Issues

In the poodles guide I am going to address the matter of nutrition , so important for the health and wellbeing of your poodle.

Health issues are also very important. In my case my lovely Gingy developed Diabetes about two years ago and since then I have learned a lot about this silent illness and its diet and treatments. I have to acknowledge the help of Gingy’s veterinarian Dr. Carlos Canino. With his usual patience has taught me a lot and gave me his advice.

Then we are going to address the many possibilities of searching for a poodle. Do you want to buy one Maybe adopt one

Grooming your poodle

Grooming Poodles is very important, since she is part of “Royalty” she must look the best and this breed has many possibilities for grooming and many styles to choose from.

Since Gingy was a month old she has been going to our friend Jarvas at “The Dog of Ipanema” in South Miami.

His dedication and knowledge is incomparable.He takes care of all breeds and is really an expert. He has trained a whole staff of dedicated groomers and developed a great and profitable business.

Poodles Guide

Poodle mix

And last but not least, do we want a pure breed poodle or maybe a poodle mix.

We are going to address all kind of poodle mixes we know about in full detail.

Enjoy this site of all about poodles.

Tell me if you like it.

Give me some advice if you wish to.

Lets all share our love for our little princes and princesses.

Heroes Needed: Helping Dogs in Puppy Mills

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Dog owners must
make sure their pet
has been administered
a vaccine for rabies
each year and to
make sure they are
on a leash when
walked on the street.

Whoever said you can't

buy happiness forgot

little puppies