Poodle Training

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Poodle Training and especially when it’s a new poodle puppy is one of the most rewarding investments and joy that any pet owner can get.

The combination of intelligence and enthusiasm together, is what makes a poodle so easy to educate and train. She will appreciate your praises and rewards for her good behavior.

Each poodle training session has to be given in a positive way and always ending with a treat that your little poodle likes and loves.

There are several principles that you have to follow always when you start your poodle training.

Timing - You have to set aside regular time for training. Try to assign the same time everyday for your poodles training sessions.

Consistency - Be Consistent by correcting your poodle every time it does something wrong and praise him every time he does something right.

Teaching - Teach them always one command at a time. Poodles are very intelligent and can be frustrated if we want to teach them too much at the same time.

Praise and Reward - Always use Praise as a Reward. Your little cute doggy wants your affection and approval. Remember to give your doggy lots of praise for good behavior.

Physical Punishment – It is prohibited – Never, ever strike your dog. It doesn’t matter what it does, The only thing that physical violence will teach your poodle will be fear and hatred.

The only word that you have to say to correct your Dog is “NO” and always in a very calm and firm voice. Poodles understand exactly what you mean with this.

Poodle Training

                Gingy !!!! NO !!!! Puppy Miniature Poodle

Housebreaking your puppy

This is some advices that you have to follow to succeed in your poodle training task for a good welcome to the new member in your family "your Cute Poodle"

Poodle motherhood teaches the puppy everything about its behavior during its first few weeks. This is why it is important not to take away the puppy from its mother too early.

When you come home with your poodle puppy,it is up to you to fine tune it, and teach him where and even when he should be doing his things.

If you take your poodle home less than 8 to 11 weeks old, your poodle will develop a preference for surface to eliminate on.

Housebreaking your poodle is easy to do, with newspaper, pee pads or using an indoor dog potty.

When you bring your puppy home between 12 to 14 weeks you will have to start leash training it and take him outside and find an absorbent surface like grass for example, if not he will prefer to ruin your expensive carpet.

Never forget that you are poodle training a little puppy. He can’t hold up so long as an adult poodle. Your puppy will send you some signs to let you know that it is time to go out to potty. Usually they start to going around and sniffing.

Of course Accidents can happen and if you catch her at the moment, just pick her up and bring her to the place where she should eliminate.

Don’t worry that she will leave a trail of Pee. They stop to eliminate when you pick them up.

Puppies focus on surface, smell and placement, so from the beginning instruct him and show him what will be his favorite place to eliminate. It can be only on the grass in a predetermined point or just in your backyard.

Crate Training Puppy

Using a crate can be very helpful when house training poodles.

Poodles prefer to keep clean their area where they sleep and eat. Usually they will not potty there. But Accidents can happen and the only thing that you have to be aware is not to leave your puppy in the crate more than 4 hours.

This is a very important step in your poodle crate training puppy task.

Poodle potty training

You have to take into consideration that sometime you will be on vacation or in some place without grass or simply the weather conditions are not appropriate to go out. This may affect your puppy and might cause a problem because he may resist eliminating. In cases like that you may consider House Training using a portable doggy toilet or potty to prevent him from holding it up for hours. 

This is one of the most frustrating parts of the basic training for your poodle training. I recommend starting leash training as early as you can.

I started to train my poodle from the beginning with a loose leash, knowing that this will be difficult, but I wanted to give her space to play, socialize and run and getting the necessary exercise.

One of the most important reasons for the leash is teaching her to do her things during her outside walk.

You have to start the dog leash training using very positive reinforcement. That means that you should praise and reward your doggy for all commands it accomplishes.

Taking my puppy on a leash walk teaches it to learn how to follow me without breaking out of my hold. I use the leash to teach my puppy “to come”, “to sit," and "to run." The leash is a unique dog training aid that goes a long way to ensure dog obedience and training.

It is the leash that allows you to really put the puppy under control as you walk it and teach it to walk with you and not to be distracted or form the habit of wandering away from you to do doggy things.

Now I want to give you the following advice:

NOTE: Train Don't Chain your Dog

It does not mean you can't use a leash to walk a dog.

Almost in all the cities in the United States there are PET LAWS ORDINANCES. ; Per example here where I live in the City of Miami starts on April 1 a very strict Ordinance regarding to chain or leash your Dog to any structure, Please click here to read more about this new law.

Poodle Training can be hard and very rewarding at the same time.

"The best you do at the very beginning the easier your life is going to be."

My lovely miniature poodle.. Please follow Me!!!!!

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