Sir Salem Of Torch Lite- A Cute Black Standard Poodle-My Christmas Gift

by Janet M Charter
(Loves Park, IL )

Puppy Salem

Puppy Salem

I lost my standard poodle at eleven years old; thought my heart was broken forever.

It has been two years; an aol regular bragged she had a new litter on the ground.

Don't know why I told her if there was a black male she should give him the name:

Sir Salem Of Torch Lite; a name I had picked out for a male if I ever got another standard poodle.

We were chatting away and I had no clue she had a black boy in her litter of red puppies.

Shawn sat there silent awhile then offered me a puppy said there was a black boy.

It put me into tears, when she said he is my Christmas gift.

Come to find out he was generations from the same line of my Misty. Salem was born 11/11/11 and then I saw he had a few specks of white; amazing they disappeared within a week. He has a beautiful head piece.

I could not afford his full registration, and I have shown toy poodles in the past conformation.

Shawn happen to like my animations, and graphics I make we made a trade for his papers. I love sharing, and never mind helping anyone who ask.

I have plans to show if he stays within size, and he proves to be show quality; if not I will neuter him go into obedience, and fly ball.

I am so excited to have a chance to show again, and this boy is truly needed I have been through a lot in the past six years.

He will never be Misty; or take her place I know that.

But I have already opened my heart to add him in a special place beside her.

I have already begun a web site for just Salem;

Shawn has been kind sending me weekly up date photos of him as he grows.

She calls him Salem, and he already is responding to the name.

Thank you for allowing me to share my wonderful
Chistmas Gift!

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