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Scooter is a male toy poodle, aged 13. Six months ago Scooter began drinking large amounts of water, panting in excess and having accidents all over the house. He was also vomiting up bile at night and would cough after exertion, such as climbing up the stairs. At his vet appointment, the Dr. diagnosed him with Diabetes. The Dr. set up a regimine of 6 units of insulin daily (1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening), 3 meals daily of a high fiber gastrointestinal sensitive dog food. I had to return during the next 2-3 weeks for a glucose spot check. Then, about 5 months later, Scooter began vomiting bile again and having, what appeared to be petit mal seizures, where he would just stand in one place and look as though he were staring off into space. He would also have periods where he would loose his balance. I returned him to the vet. I was concerned that he might be getting too much insulin but the lab showed that his level was in the ideal range. He was given an anti-nausea medication to take at night, his insulin was backed down to 5 units per day and I changed his food to Hills science diet for senior dogs, moist. He seemed to recover from the vomiting, after giving the medicine and moist food. However, a little over a week ago, I heard him fall in the floor, from the couch. I rushed into the living room to see him having a grand mal seizure. It seemed to last several seconds and he chewed the inside of his mouth pretty bad. I rushed him to the vet and his glucose was 42. He was admitted and while there, had another severe seizure. He was given IV dextrose solution and 14 small feedings. I was able to bring him home that evening with his glucose around 122. His sugar dropped the next day and has been ranging between 58 and 82. He has not been receiving insulin. At his last follow-up a couple of days ago, the vet suggested that we send a specimin of his blood to UT knoxville to be tested for and insulinoma. I will find out the results of the testing next week. Well, that's our story so far.

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Jan 17, 2017
Diabetes in dogs.
by: Eddy

You bring my memories back, my Gingy suffer from the same diabetes, she stay with us 7 years more with all our care, but by the end we have to put her to sleep. Sorry to hear but keep going and give him all your love.

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