"Nestle" My Standard Cute Dog Change my Life for EverCom

by Vinod Sinha
(New York)

Nestle, My Cute Standard Poodle

Nestle, My Cute Standard Poodle

Nine years ago my children begged me and my wife to get them a dog.

We went to the store and bought a cute one month old standard poodle and named her Nestle'.

I was horrified with the thought that I will be living with a dog in my house.My children knew how much I disliked the idea but I continued with my life.

Little I knew how much this cute little baby will change my life forever.

Today, Nestle' is not with me but I see her presence all around me, reminding me that LOVE knows no boundaries.

NestleI love you and you will always be my guide and my strength.

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