Mrs. Monica Meyers

by Monica Meyers
(San Angelo, TX)

We adopted Mitzi from the Humane society a year ago and she has thrived with us. I think she's a poodle chihuahua mix....will attach picture for your opinion.

Her fur is gray and white...she's energetic, inquisitive, playful.

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Jun 27, 2011
Bigger than usual
by: Monica

Mitzi is bigger than the described measurements. She is 17 lbs., she is about 18 from nose to back end. But I do think she is a chi-poo.....just a bigger one than usual!

Jun 27, 2011
Mitza- I am sure you are a Ch-Poo
by: Aliza from Poodles Guide

Dear Monica,

I am almost sure that your Mitzi is a Chi-Poo.

The ideal or perfect Chi-poo is a dog that posses a lively expression, is small in stature and very agile.

Weight has to be aprox. from 3-12 Pounds- (1.5 -5 kgs)Height has to be aprox. From 6-13 inches.-( 15-33 cms)

They can have the long ears of the Poodle or the erect ears of the Chihuahua.

Your Mitzi has the long ears of the Poodle.

She looks very intelligent and very sweet.

G'D bless you for adopting this creature for the Humane Society. You have to be very Lucky !!!!

Have a Great Day !!!!

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