How to Bath a Puppy

Tips for Bathing your Poodle Puppy

How to bath a puppy and happen that is your first dog is very important for you to learn from the first time you enter to the experience of Poodle Care

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Bathing should wait until the puppy is at least seven or eight weeks old and no longer nursing. Until then, it is best to simply brush the puppy.

I recommend not bathing a puppy under six weeks old

Now your new family member is finally 2 to 4 months old and is ready for his/her first bath time. But you have no idea how to do it? Follow these tips to how to bath a puppy and you and your little poodle will have a great first bath experience.


Do not make a big deal out of your puppy poodle bath time. They can feel excited that something not good is coming!!!!

In how to bath a puppy I will show you that bath time has to be a pleasurable experience, and he/she will love the water.

Never wash your dog outside if the weather is cold. This is particularly true that puppies have trouble regulating their body temperatures

Preparing the Poodle Puppy's Bath

Your First Step- Fill the tub, be careful not over filling the tub, try to keep the water shallow.

Avoid by any circumstances your puppy to slip and find himself underwater. I am sure you do not want your puppy to get traumatized.

Test the water yourself; you have to make sure the water is at an ideal temperature. Not Cold, Not Hot,and that you can feel with your hand that it is comfortable.

AGAIN PLEASE. Do not traumatize your little puppy this is why I am giving you all these tips in this guide “How to Bath a Puppy”.

Now we’re ready to start!!!!!!

Brush before Bathing

Brush any tangles or debris from the coat before getting the puppy wet.

Be very gentle. Talk to your puppy and reassure him that he is a very good little and cute doggie. And praise him; let the puppy feel the water.

Use Puppy or Baby Shampoo

“Never use adult human shampoo on a dog; it is too drying and they can cause allergic reactions “

Use only a mild shampoo. Puppies have very sensitive eyes, I recommend asking your Vet or Groomer about the best shampoo to use for poodles; different breeds require different shampoos.

Thoroughly Soak the Coat

How to Bath a Puppy


Gently apply shampoo and avoid getting water or soap close to the face or inside the ears.

When wetting and shampooing, start from the neck and gently massage down the puppy's body.

Do not allow puppy to lick shampoo.

Avoid matting and tangling.

Important recommendation: Put a cotton ball in each ear to keep water out. Make sure the cotton ball is large enough that it does not get caught in the ear canal.

Rinsing is important. Make sure you get all the soap off as it will leave the coat dry and dull and in some cases, can even cause itchy dandruff.

"Very important" in this step of How to Bath My Dog to be certain to remove all residues.”

Keep Warm

This step is one of the most important one when you ask how to bath a puppy.


Puppies are vulnerable to hypothermia after a bath, so keep them in a warm place until dry.

Gently squeeze out excess water and finish wrapping them with a towel and then you will change the towel for a dry one and finish the drying process. Puppy

You can also use a blow-dryer on the lowest "warm" setting. While drying, gently brush the dog with a wire brush to avoid tangling and remember to dry the ears with cotton balls to prevent an infection.

Tip-*-Slowly introduce the puppy poodle to the dryer. Pet dryers are recommended over human blow dryer.

Tip-*-Try to train your dog to lie on his side to be brushed while drying.

Make the experience as fun as possible, especially when bathing a young and cute poodle puppy. .

! Use a dog treat as positive reinforcement! Poodles are very intelligent and sensitive to the treatment they get, and they prefer rewards over each action.

A warm setting and a soft brush can relax you puppy dog and may even put him to sleep. .

To keep your dog clean between baths, brush vigorously and regularly -- preferably daily;this is good for the coat and skin, and helps the dog look and smell good.

How to Bath a Puppy will teach you that with some patience and practice, your puppy will grow beautifully and will enjoy each bathing time.

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How to bath a puppy

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! Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies !

By Gene Hill