How a Poodle changed my Life

by Chris Sugg
(Tampa, Fl)

I am a 44 year old man who has had many dogs in my life time.

I was raised with dogs always big breeds.

I always liked my dogs and always felt sad when it was time to say good bye.

I never felt a big loss when the time came, but what I experienced this last week has changed me.

I never quite understood people feeling the way they did when they lost an animal. My little girl Abbey changed me and the way I look at all animals now.

We brought Abbey into our lives seven years ago and instantly she had my heart. I never new a dog could be so smart and so loving and understanding of my feelings. Abbey got me thru some tough times the past couple of years when I lost my job of 15 years thru my own fault. I was really depressed and Abbey was always there for me when I needed her to be.

I was raised with a father who never thought twice about hitting or yelling at the dog if it did something that bothered him, and sad to say that is the way I reacted with my dogs until Abbey came into my life.

She completely changed the way I feel about all animals and it has changed me forever.

This past week was the worst week of my life! We lost Abbey on 8/31/11 when she went out and was seriously injured by the neighbors dog. I have not cried in over 20 years and I have never felt such pain and sorrow when we had to make the decision to have my little girl put to sleep.

I now know the sadness of losing a child which is how I still feel. A hole in my heart so big it seems like it will never heal!

You would not see me as a Poodle guy but I can say there is no other breed of dog that I will ever own.

Poodles are Gods gift to animal lovers and provide love like no other.

My children always referred to Abbey as there little sister and she acted like it.

She always was by my side even at bedtime she had her place next to me at night.

I think I will miss her the most at bedtime when I dont have my little girl to snuggle up with at night.

My wife always said that I loved Abbey more than her.

And all my family thought it was so funny how Abbey changed me towards dogs and the love they can bring.

I will never forget my baby and miss her so so very much and until my time comes and we see each other again I will always have a special place for my Abbe's.

Thank you for letting me tell my story. I am trying to get over our loss but as of now it does not feel like the hurt will ever go away.

Chris Sugg

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