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Jul 10, 2019
About the color of mixed browns and silver. I NEW
by: Susan

I have a Standard Poodle colored this way also. A friend of mine who has shown Poodles tells me she will be either silver or sillier beige.

Apr 21, 2019
What color?!
by: Lori

Hi:) just had my rescued poodle, Fiona, DNA tested and the results came back that she is 100% poodle 🐩 I had thought she was a mixed breed because of all the colors in her. Her Mum is definitely an apricot poodle. Fiona is 3.8oz and approximately 11/2yrs old. Her tail and around her nose including under her chin is black. Her ears are equal parts silver and apricot. The rest of her body is a swirling combination of light tan, apricot and grey with white on her chest. Any idea what color to call her!?! 😆

Jan 25, 2016
mistery colored poodle
by: Anonymous

I have a litter that has that mistery color .. It was ubtained by breading a particolored apricot sable with a black carier of particolor I have one female who was born light brown and is now brown tiped for now like a sable and underneith she has
Apricot ,silver beige , her legs are light brown her neck and ears are dark brown ,a white spot on her chest ..I have been a breeder for over 30 years and have never seen a poodle with so many variations on the same dog ..

Sep 16, 2015
Kumar Araini
by: Anonymous

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Jan 21, 2013
sounds cute
by: Anonymous

i'd like to see a pic. are yuou in US ? in uk we rarely see mixed colour poodles

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