Dog Jumping

Stop Dog Jumping

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Why Dog Jumping ?

There are many reasons and I want to talk about them in this Page and also give you some tips to stop the nuisance of dog jumping.

Some Reasons are:

• When he/she sees an animal or something else that he feels compelled to chase.

• When the dog sees a friendly person or dog she'd like to meet.

• When your dog is bored and looking for something to do, or looking for you.

• When the dog could find it frightening to be left alone in a yard.

• When the dog might learn to associate the yard with anxiety, fear or loneliness.

Find Some Tips to prevent dog jumping problem.

Turn away and ignore your dog when is jumping up.

In order to complain with this task , You will need to make sure everyone in your household, and all visitors, react the same way when your dog jumps up, so that he will learn not to jump up at other people.

Important that family, visiting friends, everyone must be told to “TURN & IGNORE when your dog or puppy jumps on you or on them !

If your cute dog still jumps up at you, ignore him, turn your back and walk away.

Don't look at your dog, touch or speak to him. . Just looking at him/her is also a reward


Be still & quiet. Kids and people that squeal, make noises, or move around when a dog or puppy jumps on them are rewarding the jumping up!

Reward him.her for standing! Once your cute dog or lovably puppy puts all her/his four paws on the floor, and everyone can look at her/him, pet her/him, talk to her/him and praise her/him! calmly saying “ Good Doggie” Good Girl”” Good Boy””

Very Important !!!!! "Never" use your knee, hands, feet or legs to push into a dog that is jumping up.

Please !!!Crossing your arms will help keep your hands out of your dog and will stop to jump… Up-fully….

! Never step on their back toes or squeeze her front paws!!

That painful punishment is just not necessary, and doesn’t make them understand what they should be doing instead of jumping up. (And sometimes dogs will then try to “squeeze” your front paws and hands back – with their mouth!)

“Just make sure that you don’t hurt your dog by pushing him aside or by yelling at him.”

Keep a dog toy by the front door or with you out on walks when you might meet people, and use it as both a distraction and reward in addition to the praise.

When you want to Stop a Dog to Jump you can throw a ball to catch or a toy to shaking that will work when you are greeting somebody coming to your house,.

Learning basic commands will help to stop a dog to jump ,like listen when you say “sit” and to improve her overall control of herself and ability to listen and take clues from you about what you like and don’t like.

Sit! If she’s sitting, she’s not jumping up !!

Putting “jump” on command is a great way to let her know it’s not OK to jump other times.

Just remember to give her jumping time – like in an agility course or out on a hike – so he/she can remember it’s now become a command. And of course, you could always try jumping with her for the some fun!

I recommended to take your poodle pupy to a Dog Training class, then you will have the help of a professional trainer if you are facing a challenge with jumping your dog even after consistently following the tips above for a few weeks.

Karen Kearney and one of the Ciel Poodle gang jumping play time
Alt Text—dog jumping

If your cute dog just can’t stop jumping for joy, you may want to talk to your trainer about giving her “jumping outlets” and structured time when you ask for a jump and she can release that urge at the appropriate times.

• You will need to make sure everyone in your household, and all visitors, react the same way when your dog jumps up, so that he will learn not to jump up at other people.

Remember !!!! Prevention is often better than cure. Why you have to wait for the time that your dog acquires the habit of jumping at all the people.

Very Important : If you want to stop a " Dog Jumping " let him/her know, and pay attention to that — what we focus on grows, especially with dogs as it’s all reinforcement to them!

Please Note that our inconsistency perpetuates the problem.

Please be Consistent

Please visit the AKC Site

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