Cavapoo-Cavadoodle and a Yorkie ! WOW!

by Angela Winstanley

Harry, Tinkabell, (above at back)Bentley and Stanley

Harry, Tinkabell, (above at back)Bentley and Stanley

Harry, Tinkabell, (above at back)Bentley and Stanley stan looking cute and again Stan - 7 months

I suppose we are guilty of a little " genetic engineering", but the pups are everything we hoped for.

I have a lovely Cavapoo ( Cavalier King Charles/ Poodle) - lovely chap in every way,and was with me in UK from 8 weeks. I also have an inherited teacup Yorkie,( Cyprus) so brave,and again so loving.
We wanted a further dog, and my friend, who had a female Yorkie, loved my Cavadoodle, and was looking for ' another girl'- so we decided to mate the Cavadoodle with the Yorkie - at 10 months old he visited Angel,dressed in a silk waistcoat and bow tie, accompanied by a Barry White CD, and proud to say 'did the business'. - This just before he was shipped off to live in Cyprus with our other dogs, Appollo and Zak.

Neither Cavadoodle or the Yorkie moult, but the Cavadoodle has ' wool' type fur on his coat, with big moustaches,and long silky ears and tail
We were presented with 4 lovely pups (with sticky down, poodle type ears) who are absolutely lovely.
They have all the quirky traits and stamina of the Cavadoodle -love water, love to chase ball, but the true grit spirit of the Yorkie. They are of course smaller than the Cavadoodle, being small rather than medium sized.
As they've grown, the pups have developed silver back coloring, with tan shades, and creamy white - very distinctive, and of course they don't moult- at 8 months now their colouring is still developing- their fur is straight, but coarser than typical yorkie hair.

All of the pups have homes close together, and with friends- I could have sold them soo many times, as just taking them for a walk in town generated great interest from passers by.- but selling was not the objective.
Stan has since come with me to Cyprus, so is with his dad, and they have great fun in the pool and chasing ball together. Stan is also a great little companion for the teacup Yorkie,Appollo

Only problem was what to call the pups- best name for the hybrid breed 'Chalkydoodles !!!!
but the pups are everything we hoped for.

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