Sugarbear My Poodle His is soooooooooooooooooooooo precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sugarbear's Mom
(Columbia, SC)

Sugarbear is an adorable black toy poodle.

He is opinionated and has influenced my husband, brother in law and of course myself to:

A: Put up a 6 foot fence, in rock and clay ground.

B: Place a doggie door, almost $200.00

C: Allow him to change every aspect of our lives.
Like the need for Pet sitters, or in another word we can't go anywhere.

Sugarbear was 3 pounds when we adopted him at 8 weeks. At maturity he was about 10 pounds initially. Over time, especially after we adopted a Standard Poodle female, He gained weight up to 18 pounds.

Sugarbear's nose became severely out of joint.

He became grouchy, and did not play, fetch or interact much.

Over the years, he finally gave in and started to play and interact again.

Then, at age 7, he started loosing weight, drinking lots of water, and worst of all, became incontinent in his sleep, and having constant urinary accidents all over the house. DAILY!!!

His hair became coarse and dry.
His curls started to disappear.
This happened over a very short period of time.

Off to the Vet. Then after having to leave him overnight and all day, and of course $400.00 later, he was diagnosed with Diabetes


They sent him home on 2 units of vetsulin (insulin)daily and a prescription dry dog food.

Well,after 2 weeks, he went back for a check up and his blood sugar was still high; We took him home.

I learned, from YouTube, how to draw his blood and check his blood sugar. It was running about 500. I adjusted his insulin and continued to monitor his blood sugar.

After that 2 week period, he developed cataracts and is now almost completely blind. Poor Sugarbear! My Lovably Poodle

" Lucky I am a Registered Nurse ", or I would not have gotten his blood sugar under control so quickly.

"Hoping one day ", I will be able to afford to have his cataracts fixed. Can't afford it right now.

His is soooooooooooooooooooooo precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 15, 2011
I have a poodle named Sugarbear too!
by: Kim

I loved reading about your poodle. I have a miniature white poodle named Sugarbear. He is also a little grumpy and territorial around our other dogs- 2 poodles and a miniature yorkie. Poodles are so intelligent!

I hope you're able to get your dogs diabetes under control- poor Sugarbear!

Also, my parents live in Columbia, SC too- small world.

Take care,

Kim Lindley
Indianapolis, IN

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