Puppy Development

Poodle from Puppy to 13 weeks Development

Puppy development has been traditionally divided into five fairly distinct stages, following John Paul Scott and John Fuller's pioneering studies on dog behavior, 

1. Neonatal (birth - 2 weeks); 2. Transitional (2-3 weeks); 3. Socialization 3-13 weeks); 4. Adolescent (13 weeks - 6 months); 5. Adulthood.

Poodle puppies grow and mature very quickly when compared to humans.

Stage 1- Birth to Two weeks. “ Neonatal Stage”

This two-week period is the most important time for puppies to learn motor skills and behavior from their mother and their litter mates.

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Poodle just born
Alt Text—Poodle just born

After an initial gestation period of approximately 2 months, Poodle puppies are born weighing about 4 to 6 oz and they go out to the world blind and deaf and they will stay in this stage of development about 2 weeks the “Neonatal Stage”

During this time the poodle puppy development is completely depending on their mother for everything including body temperature regulation. ; they cannot regulate their own body temperature, and they require special stimulation to remove waste products.

Poodle Puppies smell, touch and taste are all active and stronger, they can cry, and the suck reflex is already strong.

Also within the first week after birth, a poodle puppy will normally double its own weight.

The puppy's ear canals will open right around the 2 week mark, allowing it to hear sounds for the first time.

The sense of hearing will fully develop over the course of the next few stages.

Puppy Development

Development Socialization is important at every stage of a puppy's life, but is perhaps most important during the neonatal period. At this stage puppies will be learning the basics from its mother and litter mates; movement, social etiquette, and most important of all: “The rules, boundaries, and limitations.”

Stage 2- Two to Three Weeks- “Transitional”

At the beginning of this stage of puppy development, their eyes will open; We have to be very carefully so we have to avoid eye damage because their new sense of sight will be limited and very sensitive and has to be protected from bright lights.

The poodle puppy will now begin to recognize and interact with things in his environment, including (most importantly!) his mother and litter mates. During this stage the poodle puppy's teeth begin to develop and he may experiment with trying . . his mother's food, but puppies at this age are not ready to switch to a solid diet. But most puppies are ready to start after three weeks of age.

Offering the poodle puppies small amount of soft food in a shallow.

By the time the puppies are eight weeks old, they should be eating solid puppy foodl and no longer nursing.

His senses and motor skills improve greatly during this time, and most poodle puppies will begin to explore the area around them. During this stage, puppies begin to walk,bark and wag their tails.

Weaning from the mother also begins during this phase.


Poodle puppies also begin "teething" during this period, as they lose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth. Give the puppy an acceptable alternative, like a chew toy, and reward him for playing with it.

God to you to know that poodles are an energetic breed, lots of play and exercise are important.

This will be a good time to start a daily routine that includes walks and games like fetch.

It's also very important at this stage for puppy development to bond with humans through daily touch and gentle interaction and the best and good time to encourage the bond between the puppy and human beings by exposing the puppy to gentle handling by human caretakers.

Many experts consider this the "toddler or transition " stage of puppy development

Stage 3- Three to Thirteen Weeks- Socialization

At around four weeks, the mother poodle will stop cleaning up the puppies' elimination and it is a good time to begin litter box training.

Pampering her New Friend The Cute Toy Apricot Poodle
Alt Text—Toy Poodle

At eight weeks, the puppies are old enough to go to new homes. During weeks eight to 12, the poodle puppy is adjusting to his new home, bonding with his owner and making associations between commands and rewards.

This is also an important time period for house training and basic obedience.

During this period, puppies grow rapidly and you may notice daily changes.

To socialize your puppies with humans, have a variety of people interacting with them – young (with supervision) and old, male and female.

Even though puppies are very energetic, it is recommended not exercise your puppy too much – he can overdo it! And get tired very easily.

Among themselves, puppies begin to use ranking in their group structure – that is, they start testing where they fit in.

At about eight weeks, puppies start experiencing fear that lasts about a month and seems to come from nowhere.

Everyday objects and experiences can alarm them. This is a perfectly normal reaction – it doesn’t mean that you will have fearful and scary dog.

Just think that this is a perfectly normal part of puppy development and is nothing to be alarmed about.

The period of time that you have to worry most is after the mother protection ends that is between 6 to 8 weeks, and of course until after the second vaccine is given by your veterinary.

Puppies should be examined by a veterinarian and de-wormed at around six weeks, and most vets start the puppy vaccine series by eight weeks

I strongly recommended you don’t want to socialize your puppies with other dogs cats and pets until the puppies have been vaccinated, since they may pick up diseases (such as parvo, distemper, and hepatitis) that can be fatal to your poodle puppy.

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