What to Ask a Breeder

The Most Important Questions to Ask to a Poodle Breeder

Why "what to ask a breeder" is so important?

Because you have to be sure that you are working with a responsible breeder that will supply you with all the best for your new puppy’s life and development.

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These are the Most Important Questions when we don't know what to ask a breeder in the process of adding a Poodle into your Life.

1- * Do you have any poodle puppies available now? These will be the first answer that you have be heard from the poodle breeder.

Important!!! Here the answer can be "YES" or "No".

Many of the best breeders are very selective in their breading and may have a cocker spaniel litter only once a year or once every couple of years.

Even if the reliable breeder has a litter, often the puppies are reserved in advance so none may be available. If this is the case the breeder will be able to refer you to someone who might have puppies or may be taking reservations for an upcoming litter and remember not to forget "What to ask a Breeder" in this case recommended by another responsible breeder.

From the other hand, if a breeder is interested solely in making money, he will breed several litters a year and may have multiple brood (all of which will be untitled an no champions on site:

"Please Very Important" : This kind of breeder will have always puppies available or available soon.

!With these breeders you have to have “extreme cautions.”!

What to Ask a Breeder

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2- *-Do you belong to a Breed Club? Which One?

Being member of one of this organization will show a dedication to the breed and an effort to breed healthier Poodles.

3- *Are you active in the Show Ring?

If what you ask a breeder the answers is “NO’ Means that he breeds Poodles only to sell the puppies, and is not involving in improving the breed “to standard”.

Other advantage if the answer is “YES” is that the breeder is also active in performance events, such as agility or hunt test.

4- *Do you Health-Test you’re Poodle?

If the answer is YES, please ask him to show all the screening and test performed to the puppy.

If the answer is “ NO “ Means that is denied the need of claims or clear of disease.

5- *Do you track the health of the puppies you’ve sold?

This issue is for me very important and it is why this question is part of what to ask a breeder.

If the answer is YES again means that he is a responsible breeder and is going to sell you a healthy and happy puppy and will be with you in contact and requesting healthy updates and tests results at certain times.

6- *Have you have any health issues that you've had to work to eliminate your lines?

If the answers is "YES" he /she will be a responsible breeder, because statistically, every dog has the potential to pass along a genetic disease to their puppies.

This is why the responsible breeder knows and constantly works to keep his other lines as free of disease as possible.

If the breeder answer "NO" to this question, looks that he/her denies the need or claims that his/hers line are clear of disease.

7- *May I come to visit with you and meet your dogs?

A responsible breeder will want to meet you in person and he will be the first one to ask you to come to visit him in his or her premises; The breeder is the first one that want to know you an see how do you interact with the cute poodle puppies and then he will help you to determine what puppy will be best for you . Puppy

“RED FLAG“ You have to be very carefully when the breeder will ask to this question “NO” or may make an offer to meet somewhere other than the breeder’s home or premises, and of course if the breeder says that there is no need to visit because he or she will ship you anywhere and accept credit cards for payment.

8- *Do you breed any other types of dogs?

The answer has to be "NO" , because most of the high quality breeders will work with only one breed; however, on occasion a breeder will have a second breed.

It Is Important to Be Aware that all dogs are actively being shown and all keep as house dogs.

If the breeder will answer a "YES" to this question and sell multiple breeds of dogs he will have also mixes with a cocker Spaniel like the Cockapoo (Cooker and Poodle very popular mix).The only thing to do is be very carefully and ask a lot.

Do not Afraid !!!! This is why I am helping you with some tips to What to Ask a Breeder !

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By Gene Hill