We love our poodle!

(St. Paul MN)

We adopted our cream colored mini-poodle at age 5.

When we got him, he was a little tubby; His weight was 23 pounds! After gently starting him on a daily walking program, and carefully measuring his food, he quickly slimmed down and now weighs 17 pounds.

He is a very intelligent, friendly and loving dog; he loves to sit in our laps while we read, watch TV, etc. and is very affectionate.

He always knows exactly when it's walk time or dinner time, no matter what the season of the year.

He is now almost 12, and very healthy, happy and energetic, and still a very much loved companion.

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Dog owners must
make sure their pet
has been administered
a vaccine for rabies
each year and to
make sure they are
on a leash when
walked on the street.

Whoever said you can't

buy happiness forgot

little puppies