The Adolescent Dog

The Poodle Teen Age Dog Stage

The adolescent dog, like the adolescent—or teenage—human, has an immature brain in a body that is nearly the size of an adult.

This dog has to discover and come to terms with limits, both of the world the dog lives in and of the dog’s own capabilities within that world.

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At 18 months of age dogs enter the adolescent stage. During this period or stage they may appear more nervous and reserved and may require support to cope appropriately when meeting new people or visiting new places.

This is also the most common age for a dog to be re-homed.

If you got your dog as a puppy and provided good training, you have an advantage when the adolescence stage arrives.

""" But your work is not done """

The maturing process happening in the dog resembles the human teenager in several ways, and your dog needs similar guidance during this difficult life stage.

The adolescent dog needs training experiences that the puppy was not ready for.

During this puppy development; adolescent period, it is important to give them lots of exercise, both physical and mental, it is a great time for learning and work.

!!!Very Important !!!!

The Adolescent Dog

During this stage, your dog will likely challenge your dominance he/she-will try to sitting in your chair,steeping on your foot,peeing on you or in the corner of your favorite chair or bed.. physically coming between you and your spouse, or even aggression, look very carefully for such challenges and do not allow them. “And let them know who is the boss.”

This is the time that good leadership with your dog, including good management, good handling and good training, begin to really show results.

This is when your dog becomes your dog by choice and you become an important person in his life and beloved and loyal partner.

"But of course you have to earn it."

The adolescent Dog during this stage also, look for sexual maturity .

The female will go through her first heat cycle and the male will become fertile and show great interest in females in season.


Socialization and training are important if you want your puppy to be comfortable and act acceptably in public places such as dog parks and beaches, or anywhere that she will meet new dogs and new people.

Continue the process of training and socializing your dog during this stage will be very important.

Always maintain your dominant position with your cute poodle adolescent dog and give him/her the affection or attention that his/her deserve.

Try to set up every situation for the dog in a positive way.

By understanding these phases of your poodle's development, you can work with him/her to develop into a calm, confident dog that will be a pleasure to be around and will be be your loyal companion for years to come.

Just one personal recommendation !!!

If you are looking for a dog to adopt and are offered an adolescent from good genetics with a reasonable life history, consider this youngster carefully. It’s not an easy time to start with a dog, and you will need good training help to get through it. But if you have the time, the patience, the resources, and the heart, the adolescent dog you adopt just might turn into the best dog you’ve ever had.

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