Tasha, My Adopted Mini Poodle

by Bj Hickey

Our adopted Mini Poodle, Tasha. She was one year old when adopted and will be 2 this April. She is bonded to me but is afraid of "Dad" and barks at him all the time. She gives him kisses in bed & loves to go for rides with him, but we think something must have happened in regards to men. We are trying to stop her from insessent barking at him and every little noise in the house. Start training next week. Wish us luck. She is really a love!

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Mar 27, 2011
Don't waste the money
by: Emg

Save the your money! Is this the only problem you are having? If so Ms. Yap is a easy fix! 1st you need to learn to be firm which most owners think firm means yell or hit. Instead it means you get the last word and your the boss. EXAMPLE: Ms Yap is barking at a new vistor, noise outside, or she wants something and you said no. Use a noise like shhh really low. Square your body with her. Preferable she needs to sit if she knows how. Your pup does lack self control. Yapping is a release for her as other dogs have neurotic releases sometimes too. MAKE SURE NO MATTER WHAT THAT YOU GET THE LAST COMMAND IN! You will know your doing it right when her bark starts be come more of small brrr sound under her breath. Usually closed mouth. Even when she does the correct her with a firm shhh.. That completes the 1st session! Now when she decide to become Ms. Yap again address her and let her know that your the boss, k? GOOD LUCK!

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