by Michelle Reyes
(East Islip, NY)

Oh my gosh! I am so happy to find a site that is specific to my mini whoodle puppy!!! thank you! and yes my Sophie girl is a smart pup! born 6-10-13 I picked her up from a husband wife breeder in Millersburg PA on Aug 23. I was able to meet sophie's parents (sophie's mom is pitch black! ironically and dad apricot) and siblings (sophie was only female in litter of 4. 3 red pups and one black pup)

(as a new mom I decided to video the whole encounter! and it was wonderful) Sophie was house trained in days and is the most loving puppy! I give her so much love and attention (she is the only pet my home). My funny story is that right from the outset of house training on the wee wee pads I noticed that sophie would begin barking at her butt when she had to poo!! In fact, this became my clear indicator that it was time for sophie to go. I could not stop laughing at this peculiar behavior which has somewhat abated now that she is a little over 4 months. We have started puppy kindergarten at a k9 academy near my home and she loves to interact with her 4 puppy classmates (an aussie, queen elizabeth dog, and a weimeraner). She has brought such joy and healing to my life especially since the passing of my mother last year. She is inquisitive and playful and to my great pleasure barks when someone comes to my door! (or she hears loud noises) other than that she is quiet. Walking on the leash has been a challenge though, she pulls me! we are working on this. Although I noticed she had a limp yesterday after puppy k (which I attribute to some rough play with her puppy classmates that are all bigger than her) so I will not walk her for a couple of days to see if limp goes away. if not will take to vet.

I feel my sophie girl could win some contests she is sooo cute!! thank you for letting me gush about her to you guys!! I hope you enjoy the pics I attached.

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