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A Schnoodle is a Hybrid dog resulting from the cross of a Poodle and a Schnauzer. "Cheerful and Intelligent"

This Hybrid Dog is usually the cross of the smaller sizes but the can come a in a variety of sizes, since the Poodle has Standard, Miniature and Toy and the Schnauzer has Miniatures, Standard and Giant. The typical weights for this hybrid dog has to be 7 to 16 Pounds.

But do not surprise that it can therefore range in size from a very small dog of under 10 pounds to a large hybrid dog of up to 80 pounds. It is very important that the buyer of a puppy mix breed visit the breeder and ask to meet the parents in order to get an idea of what will be the adult size and color of this hybrid dog cross of Schnauzer and Poodle

The coat of these dogs can come in a variety of colors from a salt and pepper to sable, white, black ,gray and apricot or parti-colored dogs.(Black and white per example)

The coat of a puppy can take the characteristics of both of them, like the softer hair of the Poodle or the rough meat and coarse/wiry hair of the Schnauzer.

You can find that they develop coarser Schnauzer like hair on certain parts of the body,(in the back) with other softer Poodle like areas.

You can noticed when the Schnauzer is more dominant because the fur will have less of the curl hair from the Poodle and they can developed a beard that will be more noticeable. For your information the Poodle also have a beard but it is usually shaved off.


Schnoodle Apricot

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These designer dogs have become more popular because dog lovers are looking for companion pets that are hypoallergenic and easy to train. And this is the right cross breed because both Schnauzers and Poodles are hypoallergenic, that means non shedding.

And also this great cross of Poodle Schnauzer is very smart and affectionate fun loving like is Poodle parent and very loyal and protective like his Schnauzer parent is definitely a good watch and family dog.

You can be sure that you will get a playful and lovable companion that always will ask you to have fun, playing, hanging with you and be the center of attention..

Designer Mix Dogs are forever Happy companion dogs   

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