Prince (Kirby)

by Cassidy

I got prince at age 11 for my birthday. He cost almost over $1000! He was so shy.he tried to hid his head (at a rest stop) in the tire shield thingy of a huge truck! He had never been in a car so he puked on me about 13 times! When we got home we realized he was an angel! My mom came in to check on me one night and he didn't know who she was(it was dark.) so he started growl uncontrollable but stopped after he saw he in light. And one time my toe was studded and it hurt really bad he started licking it to make it better. He it perfect. He loves to be lazy but also chase cats. He's amazing at training. And the place we bought them from (Shirley posh pets ) was amazing service and loved the dogs ever much! I just love my dog prince-boo-boo!

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Jun 02, 2011
How Sweet.
by: EL

I'm glad you really love your pooch. Sounds like you two are meant for each other. Poodles are very loyal and sweet. Good luck on your adventures together!

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