Beagle Poodle Cross
Hybrid and Designer Dog

The poogle is a crossbreed dog,commonly known as a Hybrid  or Designer dog.

Poodles are most popular dogs to crossbreed with beagles.

The American Kennel Club (AKC)does not recognize this poodle cross with beagles in its purebred registry.

The AKC welcomes enrollment of them in the AKC Canine Partners program, however. Owners also can register poogles with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC). They are welcome members of the International Designer Canine Registry, (IDCR) , United All Breed Registry (UABR), American Pet Registry Inc (APRI) and the International Canine Association (ICA),. 

The Poodle cross with Beagle originated in the United States during the 1980s.

They are favorites among many celebrity dogs lovers, in part, due to their cute-sounding name.

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This great poodle cross breed is the result of a mix with parents with two separate types of genetics and which gives them a wider variety of traits to choose from and may make them genetically superior and healthier to purebred dogs.

It retains some of the beagle's positive qualities such as excellent sense of smell, sociable temperament, and the special characteristic physical traits such as sad brown eyes and tri-colored together with their short fur.

And The Poodles !!!! We know them already that they generally have delightful temperaments. They are very intelligent, learn tricks quickly, and love showing off what they can do. “ Poodles are lively and playful.”

About their Temperament

They are very excitable, active, fun and very family friendly.

Since one of its parents is a Poodle, it may have a tendency to want a significant amount of attention and special treatment.

Poogle Physical Description

Size:They grow to be the size of beagles, and full-grown may weigh nearly 20 lbs.

About Color

Can come in a range of colors including washed-out tri-color, black, brown & white, gray & tan, brown & white or solid brown.


About their Coat

Like the Beagles they can have a long, straight, thin coat or like the Poodle a thicker, curly coat .

They shed very little, if any.

About Grooming:

This Poodle cross breed dogs have unpredictable grooming needs,depends on their coat type.

Beagle Poodle Mix with the thicker coat like a poodle may require grooming more often than those with a shorter, thinner coat.

About Exercise

The Poodle Cross with Beagle should adapt easily to indoor or outdoor conditions.

But both of them are active dogs and enjoy exercise.

Daily walks, runs or trips to the dog park would suit them fine.

They do well at dog parks and enjoy exercising but if the breed inherits more of the Poodle Characteristics, it will probably be more suitable for indoor living.

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! Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies !

By Gene Hill