Poodles Pedigree

What is a Poodles Pedigree?

Why dogs Pedigree is important ?

A pedigreed dog means a purebred

Because dogs have to have family tree to show that they are coming from healthy dogs.

A dog's pedigree is a list of its ancestors, Three generation at least. And a proper responsible breeder should have this list.

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But be careful because due to negligence on the part of the breeder a pedigree does not ensure a quality dog, please check if you are dealing with a responsible breeder that knows what he or she is doing . It is up to you to do the research to determine which is which and get your healthy puppy.

Your poodle may have champions or products of backyard breeders and puppy mills in his background Your dog has to have been register. What means register? Means that your dog keeps an accurate

an accurate pedigree of purebred dogs

But with the recent popularity of designer dogs mixes, pedigrees may now be kept for some crossbred ll

It doesn't mean that your dog is better than any other dog simply because he has a pedigree.

Poodles Pedigree

Here I will show you an example of a Pedigree and happen to be from my lovely Gingy

Certified Pedigree

Gingy Tuchman PP 548498/01

Female Apricot Poodle

Date Whelped: January 05, 1998

Breeder: Diana Stephenson

Dichas Black Pepper

Gingy Tuchman

Dichas Cream Chip

Dane's Buddy Boy

Bobs Black Birdie

Dichas Red Chipper

Hughs Sarah

Travis Baby Boy

Darlenes Little Sassy

Pigg Go Pa

Bellers Rosebud

Kirks Clarence

Jo Anns Star

Briardette Pied Piper

Briardette Bierre

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