Poodles Friendly Beaches
Around the World

There are many beautiful poodles friendly beaches where you can enjoy playing and having your dog with you.Will be a good exercise for you and the dog that will provide  body and spirit relaxation for you the human  and for the smart pets.

It is recommended to call ahead of time to make sure the beach you are going to visit allows dogs.

Here are a few standard rules for going to the poodle best friendly beaches with your loved doggie.

Rules for bringing your dog to the beach

Always check with the park’s or beach’s authorities for any specific rules that you may not know in advance.

• Please keep your dog attended and quiet at all times.

Vicious or noisy dogs bother the other visitors and you may be asked to leave the premises.

You need to carry your pet’s rabies certificate at all times.

• Keep your dog on a leash no longer than six feet. Never leave a dog in a vehicle.

It may get too hot even with the windows open.

• Please do not take your dog, unless it is a service dog, into buildings or trails, except where duly designated.

• If you are camping, make sure you keep your dog inside your  tent.

This is to avoid conflicts with other dogs in the area.

• Always remember that the parks or the beach superintendent has the discretion to change rules to safeguard the peace of all visitors.

Always remember that  the violation of the rules may result in costly citations.

You have to check very good before you are entering the poodles best friendly beaches, because not all beaches are dog friendly beaches; as a matter of fact many beaches ban them altogether.

Poodles Friendly Beaches

This is a tentative list of Poodles best friendly beaches where you can take your dog with you always obeying the rules:

Poodles Friendly Beaches in the United States

• Cape San Blas, Florida
• Carmel City Beach, California
• Carmel City Beach, California
• Del Mar Beach San Diego, California
• Dog Beach, California
• Fort De Soto Beach, Florida
• Fort Funston State Park, California
• Ft. Fisher State Recreation Area, North Carolina
• Hunting Island, South Carolina
• Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, Oregon
• St. George Island, Florida

European Beaches and your Poodle 

Poodles friendly beaches in Britain

• Branscombe, Devon • Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull, Scotland
• Camber Sands beach, East Sussex • Danes Dyke, Yorkshire
• Durdle Door, Dorset • Holkham, Norfolk
• Lepe, Hampshire • Rhossili Bay, Swansea
• St Bees, Cumbria • Whitstable, Kent

• Spanish Beaches

Officially it is not allowed to bring your pet to the beach in the whole of Spain. However, in practice we have noticed that the local people do not take these regulations very seriously on quiet beaches or during the low and mid season.

As long as you don't bother other people and don't go to the popular and busy beaches! If you see Spanish people with their dog on a particular beach or stretch of beach, you can take a chance. But once again: it is not officially allowed!

• Italian Beaches

Pets are also not allowed on the majority of beaches in Italy. But we can mention a few exceptions to the rule:

• Piombino• Spiaggia Lunga• Baratti• Canaletto Beach• Perelli• Marina di Grosseto

• French Beaches

There are no general regulations for dogs on the beaches of France; each town can decide whether to accept pets or not. However, the majority of beaches do not allow dogs.

We do not have a detailed list of the Poodles  friendly beaches at the moment. We hope to compile a list of these beaches in the future.

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