Owner and Lover of Poodles for Many Years- Please read !!!!

by Dee
(Maryland USA)

Having had two poodles prior to my current. (My first was a 3-1/2lb black tiny toy; my second a 10lb white toy.) All three have been females and loved each one. However, the first two I actually went to the location and looked over the litter. When one gravitated to me. That was it! My first, Princess, traveled and was at my side from day one. She lived until 15-1/2 and enjoyed every minute of her. My second, Bella, also traveled and slept with me from day one. However, I believe that Bella was taken from a puppy mill, as she had eye, ear and ultimately stomach problems. Her stomach had to be relined in her 7-8 year. I was truly blessed with both of them. She also had heart problems and lived until 12 years when she passed due to heart failure. What a heartbreak! And what wonderful personalities.

My third, Sophia, I bought sight unseen on the internet from someone that has a website and states they are breeders. Unfortunately, they did not listen to my needs and ultimately just wanted to unload their last female - for the moment! However, I did fall in love with her picture. When I met the daughter at an off site location, the pup was in separation anxiety unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was truly hell on earth for months. During the first few weeks I had repeatedly called and they kept telling me that it "must be me" because they had no problems with her. After two weeks - met the father who at that point said I should have never put up with it. The pup was the Alpha - not what I requested, as I had explained my situation several times to the daughter (who was handling all this for her mother). I felt bad and my gut told me I should go and get her as I didn't trust them as to what they would do with the pup. Turns out it has been a struggle since then. The pup is a very determined little girl - oh, also much
larger than their website states. By the way, they have the same description for ALL their pups. When I wanted to return the pup because it was too much - I reside in an apartment, the so-called breeder suggested I have her vocal cords cut to eliminate the barking. WELL THAT WAS IT - THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS SENDING HER BACK TO THEM! Buyer - beware - don't let ANYONE pick out your pup for you - as you are in for the long haul and it won't be easy. Since I have a grown son and by myself, I didn't want a pup that needed a ton of attention, or a yard - as they were told that I live in an apartment and there is no where for the pup to run. This is something that she loves to do and can't fulfill her desires right now - or maybe never. Don't want to buy a house and have a yard at my age. However, she does have a wonderful personality, loving old and young alike - basically everyone. Took her to doggie daycare and of course, she doesn't tolerate any nonsense from other dogs and she is not afraid of large dogs either. She has quite the dominate personality going on! She is beautiful and smart - as are most poodles. There truly is NO OTHER BREED LIKE A POODLE! I can't tell you how many people want her and ask where I got her. I refuse to tell them where I did get her, because I think they are a legitmate puppy mill.

PLEASE pick out your own pup - don't let someone else talk you into it or push a pup on you. Remember once your heart is even remotely attached - that's it! Your done and it doesn't get easier. If it's not the personality you want - WAIT, as another one will come along. But again, once you get a poodle, you will never get another type of dog for a pet. Both women and men alike.....they are smart, active, sporty and very affectionate - even after time. ENJOY!

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