Our little Nike

by Megan Workman
(Lowell, AR)

Absolutely GREAT with kids! No temper at all!

I do not know how I lived before we got our Choodle (that's that we call her). Nike has such a personality and is an amazing companion. Our house is now filled with sounds of tiny paws pattering around. When we got her we were worried that we would step on her and squish her, but she is SO FAST! Nike runs around like a little rocket, jumping on the couch and then jetting off in the other direction, she is definitely a character! We have never had such a loving dog, babies and small children are her absolute favorites, she is very good at sitting attentively and snuggling any "her size people" that are around. This Chi Poo is for sure the queen of the house and the master of the schedule, she even herds us into bed at 10:15 p.m on the dot! If you are looking for a great dog for you and your family, look no further!

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