My Scared and Shy Poodle

by Barry
(Doreen, Victoria, Australia)

I bought my 15 month old toy poodle puppy from a Poodle Rescue" Breeder.

She is very scared. she run away and hides weather inside the house or outside.

I cannot tempt her with any food. I have tried biscuits, cooked sausage pieces and sweets; she just runs away lies down and looks dead.

I have had long sessions of holding her on my lap and when the children visit they have sat with her all night.

I tried her on the leash but she just lies down and will not move with me or away.

I have left it on her while she is inside but she just curled up in her bed all day.

I have tried feed inger her. If I leave some canned food in her bowl at night it is gone in the morning. I assume she eats it. she will not touch and try food or eat anything during the daylight. I have left her a bowl of milk and that get consumed at night.

I she is out side I have to find her hiding place. Now she will allow me to pick her up with out shaking or fighting. but is still as stiff as a board.

when I put her in her kennel or on her bed inside she will stay there while I am around, but hides when I am not looking

Your advice would be appreciated.


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