My Poodle stoped me getting bullied at junior school.

by Marianne
(Cambridge UK)

I am now 44 years old but when I was 9 I used to be bullied at junior school mainly by a boy who lived near by.

He used to take the mickey out of me about everything and when he heard I had a poodle started laughing saying it was probably a yappy little runt.

What a shock he got when he was walking through the woods where I walked my dog.

Tabitha as I had named her was very tall and quite butch looking in stature and I used to let her off the leash in the woods. she used to run at full speed down the hilly parts straight in your direction in a most scary way as if she was going to pounce on you but always ran the other way just as she came close. She did this to my old bully and he ran off scared out of his wits.

At school the next day all the other boys asked did you see her poxy poodle then to which he replied you should have seen it,it was as big as a lion and as scary. needless to say Was never bullied by him again.

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