My Mini Poodle Named Gus.

by Peter

I had a mini poodle named Gus.

He was apricot in color and eventually developed a white spot on his chest.

He lived to be eighteen years old. He helped my family through my fathers death.

He seemed to know which if us to be with.

It was comforting to have him there.

Then, less than four months later I had an aunt die so we went to uncles house with Gus and he ended up staying at uncles helping him get through a difficult time.

I miss him very much.

My wife and I just adopted a two year old mini poodle who we named Ben.

The place told us he was a stray.

I hope Ben is a good dog and it is not too late to teach him things.

He is pretty well behaved but seems to get frustrated or distracted during training.

!Thus begins a New journey.!

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Apr 23, 2019
Patience NEW
by: Donna

I am sorry to hear that you lost your friend Gus, I know that day will come for me to lose my little 12 yr old Zhazha the love of my life, but in the mean while I am enjoying her company.
Be patient with your new dog, you dont know what kind of situation he came from but I am sure he will become the dog he is meant to be. It does take time for this young dog to learn to please you, poodles seem to have that built in to them. Good Luck Let us know how Ben is getting along

Oct 05, 2015
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Jan 26, 2012
by: GardenWildRose

When Ben seems to get distracted I do have a suggestion to call his name touch your nose with your index finger to get his attention back on you. Making eye contact letting him know you want his attention. Yelling, and getting upset will only make him climb into a shell. Like people our poodles do think and it is possible he is thinking of his past getting lost in thought. You don't know if Ben came from a good home; or a bad home... got lost... or was dumped. He could have been stolen then dumped later. It takes time, and trying to remember Ben is trying to deal with change. Wish you the best with Ben sounds like he just needs time to ajust.

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