My lucky find at the shelter!

by El
(Kentucky )

I was planning on make a donation to our local shelter. So my little boy and I went in gave our donation and we planned to leave.

He wanted to look and so we proceed back to where they kept all the dogs. To tell you up front my husband and I didn't want another. Our 14 year old Sheltie who also was a rescue had died the month before.

I prepared myself to see some sad eyes but when we saw a dog that was so matted with white fur you could barely tell it was a dog! I felt overwhelmed at how someone could just let dog be like that! !! Did they not have a pair of scissors?

So needless to say I told them I would pay for someone to groom her and bring little stinky Mopsy back. (Her cage name was descriptively named MOPSY.)

The groomer said she had not been groomed in at least a year. We came back after a couple hours to pick her back up. I was shocked!! Yes, I knew she would look a lot different but this "White" dog was now Chocolate! She had been out in the sun so long that it had bleached her hair to a yellowish white coat color.

We took her home renamed her Sassy. She was quite a clean little girl. The crazy part was she is house broke. My little boy really liked her really we all did so; yes we got another dog! I believe she had a good home at one time and was accidentally or carelessly given to a bad breeder.

Sassy hair has grown out now and I have like 30 outfits for her. She is so posh and well mannered. We have even taught her a few tricks too.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have her and who would have thought under all that mess was a star trying to shine?

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