MY Babies.

by Karen Elleray
(Dromana, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.)



Jess Ella, Has a very Kind Heart.

Marley & Mia have stopped my heart from breaking, they make us laugh & when my heart skips a beat because I am sad they are both there. I have been sick for over 19 years with Fibromyalgia in that time I have had other pets that I have loved & that have spent long hours with me. When our pets pass on my husband & I have them cremated & we have them at home with us always.

We have Two Toy Poodles 1, is now 3, & the other is 2, they are the best kisses my face has never been so clean & my feet well what can I say except cleannnnnnn. Smart no matter where you are they are with you yes & in our bed Mia is the best Hot Water Bottle. She is 4.5kg & wants to be carried every where I think she has springs on her feet so I bend down tell her to lift her back legs & her bottom fits in my hand she is on the top of my brest with her neck and head around my neck in seconds, that is where she stays. Marley makes me laugh because she hids her toys in the couch and if she can still see them she will get another cushion to cover them over with now that is being smart she hids them from our two Labaradoodles.

Mia can do anything she wants Marley, Jess & Ella just let her do what she wants. Love all our babies so much because they seem to know I need them & I do.
Their mum Karen

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