Jett the best dog ever!

by Jannelle Ortega
(Las Cruces, NM USA)

August 31 of 2010, I walked into work and there were two puppies there. My friend kept telling me her dog had puppies and I needed to take one. I insisted I didn't want one, until I saw Jett. I fell in love with him at first sight. My boyfriend who isn't to fond of animals wasn't to happy when I brought home Jett. He was the cutest puppy and everything about him was cute. I had never had a small dog so this little nugget went with me everywhere. He was my constant companion. My boyfriend began to like him and enjoyed Jett as much as I did. We reached his birthday July 14, 2011 I got him treats and was so happy that he was a part of my life I didn't mind being alone when my boyfriend was gone because I had Jett. I could have the worst day and Jett would cheer me up by wagging his tail and just wanting me to pick him up. Everyone fell in love with him. He was Chihuahua, poodle and maltese mix. I loved him so much! He became sick suddenly two weeks ago, I just thought it was just on upset stomach he had the runs and that was all and didn't seem himself. I took him to the vet a couple of days after I noticed his odd behavior. I drove him to the vet I placed him in the passenger side, and he crawled over to my lap, I think we both knew it was going to be our last ride together. As he looked out the window with his head on my chest and me crying out to God to save my dog. The vet examined him and she told me she wanted to do blood tests on him. It turns out he had kidney failure. I was devistated and cried instantly I heard that. He had no signs or symptoms of anything wrong. The vet put him in ICU, and tried to flush out his kidneys and maybe they could get back on track. I was a mess, not knowing if

he was going to make it out of the vet. He stayed in ICU for 7 days, he just got worse I felt bad hoping for some kind of miracle a begged God to save my little Jett whom I loved so much. The pain was so hard I felt helpless, the dog that was always there for me I couldn't be there for him there was nothing I could do. I prayed for him, had family and friends pray for him. Then I realized he wasn't going to get better there was no change in his test results the second time around. It wasn't fair to Jett to see him like that when the vets said the were syringe feeding him I realized he wasn't going to make it. We had to put Jett so sleep, Thursday October 6, 11. It was the hardest thing in my life. I help him as the put him down the vet asked is his heart still beating I said yes, she said okay let me give him some more she asked is his heart still beating I said no. Then that was it Jett was gone, I cried uncontrollably he went to sleep forever right in my arms. Its so hard on me I can't stop crying and can't get it through my head that he is gone. He gave me his all up to two weeks ago. We think he was poisoned because it was so sudden. We brought him back home the vets wrapped him up in one of his favorite, blankets where we couldn't see him my boyfriend and I buried him in our side yard. The house is really quiet without him. I am crying right now as I type this. He loved us whole hardheartedly and I knew we where his life he would get so excited to see us every time we came home he greeted us, every time the alarm would go off in the morning he would run around the bed and wake us up anytime we would watch TV he would snuggle with us. He was amazing. I miss him so much.

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