I Adopted a Standard Poodle (ex stud)

by Amanda Goulden
(Bolton, lancs)

I adopted a standard poodle 3 years ago he was 8 when I adopted him (ex stud) he is amazing and he runs around like a puppy (bonkers), it was great not having to house train him, and he fitted right into our home with my other dog which is a huge clumsy boxer.

As much as I love puppies (and i do love them) he was a breath of fresh air. No Chewing no Pooing no Weeing nothing.

I loved the adoption process so much that I adopted an adult cat last Christmas as well.

For sure when anything happens to my pets i will be doing the same thing again and again.

Everybody wants cute little puppies and kittens and that's why their are so many adult pets waiting for adoption.

Go on give it a try and you wont regret it.

"Adopting a Dog" Adopting a Poodle " Adopting a Cat "

It Is Amazing

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