Grey Poodle; A big man's best friend!

Prince and His Easter Bunny

Prince and His Easter Bunny

About 15 years ago my wife brought home a grey minature poodle. When she brought it in the house I told her to take care of self respecting man would be seen with a POODLE. Well, it happened, the poodle "Prince" chose me. He was my constant companion for 14 and one half years. In the end he had diabetes, a heart condition, was blind, and had lost his hearing...but continued to be my constant companion. I loved this little dog with all my heart and soul. He was more faithful, loyal, and funnier than any person I've ever known. I'm 56 years old and consider myself a man's man but as I place these words tears run down my cheeks...I miss my little man. I've attached a pic. Hope you enjoy it.

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Dog owners must
make sure their pet
has been administered
a vaccine for rabies
each year and to
make sure they are
on a leash when
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Whoever said you can't

buy happiness forgot

little puppies