Dog Workout Dog Exercise Tips

For Your Dog Workout here in this page I will give you some tips that don’t always involve strenuous activity or hassles.

Are you a Busy owner finding ways to give your dog enough regular exercise?

Daily exercise is required and most ideally more than once in a day.

!! A poodle dog that exercised may rest more calmly at home and be less nervous when left alone.!!!

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Do you know that playing with your dog is not only beneficial for the mind and body of your puppy or adult dog, but also for you ?

Some people believe that dogs need a big backyard so they can get plenty of exercise. The truth is that most dogs do not exercise when they are outdoors by themselves; they spend most of their time laying in the shadow and waiting for "you " to play with them. " As please take this in consideration."

Try to make your walks interesting.

- Let your Poodle carry a basket,or a toy while walking.

- Hide yourself or his/her toys and ask him/her to find it.

Dog Workout

Your four leg friend will love this dog workout very much because this is also an opportunity to reward him with a dog treat. In another words try to make the walking time a pleasant and funny also for you.

The recommendation for an healthy exercise for your dog is that a dog should get 30 to 40 minutes of exercise each day and you can accomplish this walking taking your dog to the Park, to the groomer and to the Vet if it is at walking distance.

Important extra dog exercise tips that will help you very much:

1- A five –minute training session of basic commands using positive reinforcement methods is way more tiring than a five-minute walk.

2- As per many dog trainers two or three minutes training sessions may replace a 10 minute walk.

3- Eating food from a food dispenser toy can be as demanding as 20 minutes walking or leash play.

"Just to remind you ", that mental exercise and non-aerobic physical exercise can’t take the place of a good dog workout with your best friend your doggie.

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By Gene Hill