Dog Obesity
Overweight Dogs

What is Dog Obesity ? Why we don’t have to let this happen?

Our Mission is to keep our most precious and loyal best friends our dogs healthy and happy. Obesity in dogs affects a big percent of the canine population in the world.

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Overweight dog is a condition related to physical, environmental, endocrine emotional and neurological issues.

Another Cause of obesity comes from problems related to metabolism and this is why it is important to take care and watching the feeding habits that include table scraps (Very difficult to avoid), poor diet, dog food portions and the constant access to food and treats.

As a result from one or more of these metabolic conditions dogs become overweight and they have to be treated immediate by the veterinary and get the appropriate exercise and diet if we want them to reach the old age healthy and happy not just for them it is also important for us.

Watching the amount of pet food you give him helps control his weight, avoiding obesity and adding years to your life together.

Dog Obesity

From my sad experience I know that all the metabolic disorders including Diabetes Mellitus (Wich my Poodle Gingy got it at 7 years old and she was overweight), hypothyroidism, hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's disease ), hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease), and other are the result most of the time that happen to overweight dogs.

Another big cause is the sedentary lifestyle that is bad for our dogs and of course is as bad that can happen to us.    Do You Know That today’s typical dogs spend most of their time napping, relaxing, and sleeping ?

This is way an increase of exercise will be one of the best solution to keep your doggie in a very good health condition..

I want to talk about …Treats Treats Treats…. Why are we feeding our little and big dogs friends and companions with such amount of treats?

This is another big contributor to the dog obesity issue.

Please !!! Be moderate and treating him/her with one or two treats during the day !!!

“”” Think that is better to take your dog to play and run in the Park.””””

One important Feeding Tip !!!

Be carefully with the Peanut Butter with cereal in a bowl and the milk that they like to lick… These only make them gain more and more.  Concentrate in little dogs snacks and treats specially made for them by Dog Food suppliers.

When you go Shopping for and overweight poodle, please look for Weight Loss Dog Food, "Read the Pet food Levels"

Remembers : If you don’t take care of your overweight dog condition can be a devastating for your doggie poodle so please it is time to start a dog obesity-management plan and this may add quality years to your pet's life and your life will be easy and happy enjoying life with your best friend companion in your life.

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