Children and Dogs Safety

Children and Dogs Safety is the most important issue when you bring home your new puppy poodle or your adopted dog.

The first thing to do is to teach your child to respect the dog and realize that he/she is not a stuffed toy.

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That a dog is a live animal that feels pain when hurt that has emotions and has physical needs that must be met.

Be careful not to make your children jealous by giving the new dog too much time and attention. They may retaliate by punishing the dog when you're not there.

Start to establish the house rules and enforce them from the first day your new puppy poodle or your adopted dog arrives to your home. Teach all the family to be consistent and that all of them have to keep the same rules.

Your Puppy poodle should be allowed some time out to rest when he has had enough.


Make sure that children understand that the crate is his private area. Do not allow children to play in or on your dog’s crate, and never allow a child to crawl into the crate with the dog. This could cause the dog to feel trapped, and snap out of fear.

Children are very innocent and may unknowingly tease a dog by waving a toy around and snatching it away or hitting with a stick or pinching an ear that may cause a puppy to snap, even though the child didn’t intend to hurt his/her little puppy poodle.

Teach your children to always speak to a sleeping dog before touching him. He might bite to defend himself before he realizes who you are.

Children and Dogs

Avoid games of tug of war and keep-away. Good games for children and dogs are fetch, learning tricks, practicing obedience. Eventually, even little kids should be able to give obedience commands.

If the dog gets wild or starts being very excited , just put him in his/her crate for a short while.

Protect the dog from children who do not treat him gently or follow your rules.

! A small child should never be left alone with any dog.!

Don't relax your supervision because things are going well. Your new pet will go through adjustment period of several weeks. He will be on his best behavior while he tries to figure out the rules. Once he settles in, he may get tired of a child's poking or pulling, and might nip to discipline.

“””””As a rule of thumb, don’t allow children to do to a dog what you would not allow done to a toddler.”””””

Children and their Dogs are the most precious friends !!!!!

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! Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies !

By Gene Hill