Canine Allergies
Could be Treated

At this point I want to talk about Canine Allergies.

Believe it or not allergies can be treated.

Here I will give some different types of dog allergy test available that your Vet can test to make feel your doggie better and identify the problem

You can find a few different types of tests available that can identify the allergens to which a dog is hyper sensitive; some of them are helpful and some are a waste of time and money. Since all of them are commonly referred to as "allergy tests," few people know which ones are credible, and which ones are not. Here you will find a brief description of the type of tests available for allergy diagnosis.

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Tests for Dog food allergies - Both blood and skin tests for food allergies exist, but it's difficult to find anyone (besides the companies that produce the tests) who feels the results are worth the paper they are printed on.

It would be exciting and useful if it worked, but so far, the tests are a work in progress, with only an estimated 30 percent accuracy rate.

I suggest conducting a food elimination trial that will deliver much more accurate information about your dog's food allergies.

Canine Allergies

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Skin tests for environmental allergens - In an intradermal test, tiny amounts of a number of suspected or likely local allergens are injected just under a dog's skin.

A veterinary dermatologist feels these tests are much more reliable than blood tests for antibodies.

It should be noted that testing is more time-consuming and expensive, not to mention stressful for the dog, who must be observed very closely, several times, by a stranger

Our Gingy had a few canine allergies

Blood (serologic) tests for antigen-induced antibodies -- Two different methods (RAST and ELISA) are used for the most common commercial test products used by veterinarians.

Historically, the tests have been unreliable with lots of false positive and false negative results, though the technology has improved over the years.

Periodical visits to the veterinarian is a must

When looking for symptoms, there are various things that can help to identify if the dog is suffering from allergies. Sometimes, cigar shaped mites will appear on the dog’s skin. These mites are located in the hair follicle and oil glands of the skin.

While it is possible to identify what type of allergies the dog is suffering from, it is best to seek attention from a veterinarian to identify the best treatment possible. It is very important to identify the dog allergy symptoms in order to make fill your lovably companion happy.


It is your responsibility as a Pet Owner.

Good luck and ask your Vet.

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