Bichon Poodle

Bichpoo - Bich-Poo - Poochon

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The Bichon Poodle also name as The Bich Poo and the Poochon is a cross between a Purebred Bichon Frise and a purebred Poodle.

This great hybrid dog is not recognized as a Purebreed dog by the AKC.

There is certainly something about the Poodle that makes it a desirable cross with other breeds, and the Bichon Frise is no exception.

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These small hybrid dogs are excellent companions for children, adults and seniors. They are very bright ,intelligent, affectionate,loyal, friendly and very playfully and energetic dogs with a pleasing personality.

They are doing well with cats or other pet in the same house. As Watchdogs they are suspicious of strangers and will bark to alert their family to visitors or out of the ordinary and strange sounds.

Bich-poos are good indoor dogs and thrive well in apartments. They love and enjoy the occasional walks around town and trips to the dogie park.


The Bichon Poodle mix can live up to 15 years, and is a non allergenic dog, shed very little, almost nothing.

Height: varies from 6-12 pounds Weight: varies from 9-12 inches. Color: White, gray, black, chocolate

Bichon Poodle

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BichPoo Puppies Very Cute Poodle Mix

Care, Coat and Grooming

Bich-poos and Poochons shed very little. They also produce very little dander, a plus for allergy sufferers.

They can have loosely curled hair and may be wooly or coarse in texture.

Frequent brushing and combing your Bichpoo is essential and also has to be trimmed regularly by a professional groomer to prevent matting and tangling.

Bathe as necessary as needed but not too often.

To prevent ear infection it is important to keep the ears clean.

Dental hygiene is important to prevent early tooth loss.

Bich Poo's may be prone to such health issues as, epilepsy, diabetes, PRA, cataracts, and skin disorders .


They are a little difficult to house training, for them the create method works best.

You have to be patient and carefully because they will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods.

Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency.

It is recommended that training the Bich-Poo should begin at the earliest possible age, especially if you want it to socialize correctly with humans and other dogs.

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