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The Bassetoodle as all dogs mixed breeds are not purebred dogs.

This Hybrid breed is the result of a crossing between Basset Hound and a Poodle.

Also known by misspelling the correct name as the Bastoodle, Basoodle and Bassettdoodle.

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The breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

But it is recognized by the following organizations:

ACHC- American Canine Hybrid Club

DDKC- Designer Dogs Kennel Club

DRA- Dog Registry of AmericaIDCR- International Designer Canine Registry

DBR- Designer Breed Registry


This great hybrid dog is a medium size but also depends on the size and weight of their parents.

Weigh : 25-20 pounds- 9-11 kgs

Height : 11-14 inches- 28-35 cms

Life Span : 10-15 years



Body: They are built like a Basset Hund, with the long body and shorter legs.

Colors: Black, Tan,Red, Red and white,Black and white and you can see also apricot and white.

Coat: Longer curly.

Shedding: Very Little and seasonally ,but you have to shaved their coat at least two times a year to avoid shedding too much.

Recomendation: If you or your children suffers from allergies, I always recommend to expose yourself to the dog first before buying these puppies.


They require little grooming.

Weekly brushing is recommended. I recommend a toothed comb.

Their coat has to remain long.

It is very important to trim them around the anus and the eyes.

It is very normal to keep them with the longer eyebrows .

The ears are to be leaning and keeping an eye for possible infections.

They are very good family dogs, the do well with adults, children and also with other pets.

These mixed dogs usually do not bark and this can be a great tool to have them as a watch dogs, because barking will be a signal that some stranger or intruders are in the neighborhood.

Exercise They are very playful and with high energy level, but not hyper like the poodle.

They  however need their space to play and run around and owners must take them in outdoor activities regularly and of course they will need daily walks.

Very Important to know:

With the Bassetoodles you have to be careful with their bag because the body is a long one and children can jump or ride on their backs.

Some of them like to Jump on People and this has to be take little extra training to correct them.

Some of them are very nosy and love to sniff and check out everything, purses, bags, boxes, company, mail, dirty clothes, his bed, your bed, etc. “ BE AWARE and keep your yes on them.


They have a big tendency of putting weight and you the owner has to know that they will need regularly exercise and keeping an eye on their food. Please don’t overfeed your Bassetoodle.

Leaving Conditions

Also they do well in warm and cold weather but PLEASE Don’t Leave your dog alone outdoors all Day.

They can both leave indoors or outdoors, but they prefer and be more happy to be near the family.


They are very easy to train,they are very intelligent.

Training should be consistent; trainer must be authoritative and firm in order to keep the dog in line.

!Physical Punishment !– It is prohibited – Never, ever strike your dog. It doesn’t matter what it does,

" The only thing that physical violence will teach your poodle will be fear and hatred."

Praise and Reward: Always use Praise as a reward ; your little cute doggy wants your affection and approval.

“The best you do at the very beginning the easier your life is going to be”

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! Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies !

By Gene Hill