Alexis Jade Lindsay

by Amy Lindsay Stokes
(Hendersonville Tennessee )

I got my beloved poodle Alexis in April 2008. I have kidney cancer and other medical problems. I was online looking for a puppy for my niece. I came across a picture of a 4 months old poodle name Alexis jade. I contacted the lady told her I wanted her. There was something about her that made me feel she needed me has much has I needed her. She took up with me and my sons. I brought her home and we started a awesome relationship. We would take out on the boat with us every time my husband would jump in to go swimming she would jump in and swim to him. I started having more surgeries and she would stay by my side always. I would take her on walks and car rides. Take her to pick out new toys. She would love to play. Then when she was almost 4 years old my husband said she needs a playmate. So I got Leo our other toy poodle he was 8 weeks old. At first she was jealous of him but them she was protectedof him. He thought of Alexis has a mother figure. She love swimming in the pool, taking car rides and walking. She loved everyone. She especially love her belly rub and if you stop she would take her paw and move your hand back down to her belly. She was healthy and this Sunday on August 29th2016 she wasn't feeling good. So I called and made a see the vet. So I took her to vet on August 30 2016. I could tell something wasn't right. The vet took her back and started

checking her gums out and giving her oxygen. That's when they told me that she was in heart failure. They was going take ex rays of her heart and lungs. But they told us that she was in critical condition they don't believe she would make it to the vet hospital. She was suffering.I came back to her and was holding her and my mom took pictures of me holding her and saying my good byes. She look up at me crying. I knew she was asking me to let her go. I couldn't allowed her to suffer any longer. So I took her in my arms and kiss her and said goodbye. The vet told to take my time but Alexis look back up at me I could tell she was ready to go. So I watch her take her last breath. They wrap her up for me I took her home put her in a container and wrap her up in her favorite blanket and toy plus her collar. I called my husband and told him I was ready for him to leave work and buried her. I found the perfect place and now I am going have her a headstone made with her picture on it and plus a poem. Then I am buying a poodle statue of a poodle with angel wings. Then I am going put a little white fence around her and plant pretty wild flowers. My heart is broken in thousands of pieces. I couldn't let her suffer any longer. My poodle Leo is younger then she was. He is grieving for Alexis. I don't knon how to help him.

Thank you,

Amy Lindsay Stokes

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