Adopt a Dog
How to Avoid Adopting the Wrong Dog

Adopting a Dog is a big responsibility

The first step in the adopt a dog process of  how to avoid adopting the wrong dog is that you and your family choose the right dog  that is the best possible match for your home and lifestyle.


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"Very Important "

Don’t make an impulse decision on-site

 It can be overwhelming at a shelter when there are so many adorable doggies  begging you with their sad faces “Please” “pick me pick me” and take me to your  home!

It is difficult to go back home without one of them. But in a moment like this with have to use our head and not our heart, in order to avoid future problems.

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In this page I want to give you some suggestions to adopt a dog that will help you to avoid making mistakes that can result in picking the wrong dog.

* Don’t adopt any dog without doing some planning and research first.

* Are you financially ready  ? You know that your new dog will require important care, visits to the Vet, Vaccinations, Food,  Training and also G-d forbid can be injured and sick ?

* Do you know that you have to spend time to training, walking, etc ? *** How much time do you have in your lifestyle to do that?

Adopt a Dog

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If you get emotional in a shelter setting, take a more objective family member or friend along to make sure you are making as good and rational choice of a match for your lifestyle and dog experience, this will be a situation for many years, not just for now , its a commitment.

Very important suggestion!!!!

Involve your children in the dog adoption process this will be a wonderful experience and opportunity to teach them about love to pets and of course to people also.

BUT. Don’t let them pick an inappropriate dog….

Please also put your heart apart end use your head !!!! you as the responsible adult need to make sure the dog you adopt is a good selection. Part of the adoption process involving your children is to help you pick out the new pet’s toys, or a color of collar.

Remember !!! And Very Important!!!!

Making sure that the children and the dog get along .

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Dog owners must
make sure their pet
has been administered
a vaccine for rabies
each year and to
make sure they are
on a leash when
walked on the street.

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