Therapy Dogs
Humans Best Companion 

Therapy Dogs was my surprise that during all my research I find that Toy and Miniature Poodles have a high aptitude for be candidates for Poodles. These intelligent Poodle dogs enjoy the company of people and are very perceptive.

But at the same time the they require proper handling to avoid injury, and they have to be supervised when close to elderly people and children.

They are high in energy and sometimes they have difficult to control their excitement and can jump on people, but after you know that they have the characteristics to be good therapy dogs, the only thing they need is training and checking their maturity to convert them in a very good candidates for their work .

Characteristics of a Good Therapy Companion Dog.

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Therapy Dogs

They must be gentle and under control at all times and should possess an affable temperament.

First thing these kind of dogs have to be well socialized and most important that they love and enjoy human attention.

Poodles love this !!!!!

The Dog should not be Shy, Aggressive or Fearful.

The dog should be able to get along with other dogs.

They have to be able to sit nicely for petting or brushing.

He must be able to handle strange voices, loud noises, erratic movements, wheelchairs or other medical equipment.

They also have to learn to tolerate wheelchairs and all of kind of medical equipment.

Must be able to handle strange voices,erratic movements, and loud noises.

But training is still requiring teaching him the proper manners and preparing him for the various situations he will encounter.

Characteristics for a Good Owner.

Just Be Care full, Because not only the dog has to be checked, here we have the Dog Owner that must fulfill certain requirements also.

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! Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies !

By Gene Hill