Quality Dog Food

Quality Dog food plays an important role in building strong personality of your pet and the food which you provide for your dog will be comprehended through his personality

Here are some examples that you have to avoid in order to get only Quality Food for your lovable doggie.


WHEAT FLOUR -Wheat is the leading cause of dog allergies. Absolutely useless with no nutritional value. This is the fine particles of wheat bran, wheat germ, and the offal from the “tail of the mill.” “Tail of the mill” means the floor sweepings of leftovers in the mill after everything has been processed from the wheat.


Full of GMO's and a major reason for allergies in pets as well as causing serious health issues. This is used for a filler and is a useless ingredient in pet foods and is difficult for pets to digest.

FOOD FRAGMENTS – (filler/fiber source/carbohydrate source): BAD OR HARMFUL INGREDIENTS
Low cost by-products and leftovers from another food manufacturing process. Examples include WHEAT MIDDLINGS AND SHORTS, (floor sweepings), WHEAT GERM MEAL, WHEAT BRAN and BREWER’S RICE (a waste product of the alcohol industry).
Also avoid fragments which are labeled POTATO PRODUCT, MIDDLINGS/MIDS or MILL RUN of any kind.

Unspecified grain sources like :CEREAL FOOD FINES, CORN BRAN, OAT HULLS, RICE HULLS, PEANUT HULLS, DISTILLERS GRAIN FERMENTATION SOLUBLES, and last but not least CELLULOSE (which is wood which is dried and ground up)
*NOTE: These ingredients listed above are all ALLOWED AS

Quality Dog Food


SOYBEAN MEAL-Soybean meal also known as Soyabean Oil Cake is a solid residue bi-product, flour, created after grinding the soybean to extract soybean oil. It is widely used as a filler and source of protein in animal diets, including pig, chicken, cattle, horse, sheep, and fish feed. Fillers are only used for adding cheap priced ingredients into foods. Also soybean is full of GMO's. All soybean products should be avoided for pet foods.

SOY FLOUR – (filler/carbohydrate): BAD OR HARMFUL INGREDIENT
A cheap allergy-causing ingredient used as filler. This is the leftover “dust” after the healthy cleaned and de-hulled soybeans are processed; sometimes even sweepings from the factory floor.

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Now I think is clear for you what means Quality Dog Food

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